3 Simple natural Tahitian pearls on natural black leather.
The pearls are vibrant and lustrous, simple, functional and yet quite elegant for everyday use, wrap it around your wrist or your neck as a choker necklace with a simple tie back, it’ll fit any size.

Tahitian pearls sizes vary approximately 11-15 mm
Natural leather lace is 2 mm
Full length of leather approximately 48 inches.

The Tahitian pearls do exhibit some natural surface blemishing and pitting, which is the nature of the Tahitian pearls, they have a lovely lustrous quality, showing tones of gray, blue/green and silver with a hint of purple. There will be slight variations in the pearl sizes and shapes from the pictures; I use different pearls for each order and not all pearls are created the same.

**Please see all information and measurements before purchasing as I do not accept any returns or exchanges.**

Please read my shipping policy. Thanks for stopping by my shop!

Comes in a silky pouch.
Shipped USPS Priority or First Class. Ships as soon as your payment clears which is normally 2-5 days.

All the cord jewelry if the cord comes loose, breaks or get old with normal use I am glad to replace the cord but it will cost up to $50 to re-cord your bracelet, ring or necklace that is made with a silk cord. for example all the open heart pieces that are on cords. 


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