There are a list of things to keep yourself amused while you are social separating and staying home to stay safe and let the world heal from the pandemic. let’s pic one thing to do daily at least. I was searching the internet and came across the website Time Out and found this article: 101 things to do when you’re stuck at home



There are obviously 101 things to do on that list, but for right now I picked one of them and we can go down the list randomly and do different things to keep us amused for as long as we have to stay at home and in between times when we just need to do something else…


Bake a hilarious quarantine cake

Some people eat in times of crisis, and other people bake. Based on what we’ve seen on the internet in the last few days, lots of people fall into the latter camp. These stressed, intrepid, creative pastry wizards have really found a way to make this whole isolation thing more entertaining with their clever cakes. Want some inspiration for your own? These are some of the funniest quarantine cakes we’ve found online.

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