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Dogs and 4th of July Fireworks

I know many animal lovers will relate to this. I feel bad for my little Maltese pup on 4th of July as she is petrified of the fireworks so we stay in with her to keep her more cozy and comfy.

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Natalie Barat Design at The Mansion at Strathmore

So thrilled to announce that some of Natalie Barat Design pieces are currently showing at the Mansion at Strathmore in North Bethesda for a limited time in the Artist Library. If you are in the area it's a great time to stop by for an up close and in person try outs....

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Global Excellence Award Winner

Very excited and thrilled to announce that I won a Global Excellence Award for the "Best Ethical & Sustainable Jeweler 2017" 🙂 Thank you LUX Lifestyle Magazine! Click here to see Natalie Barat Design Award page...

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Symbols and colors used in my handmade jewelry

Inspire goodness and happiness – be lighthearted, laugh, and love; don’t take life too seriously and live in the moment. ♥ The Heart LOVE, AFFECTION, TOGETHERNESS Don’t use it just for Valentine’s Day, wear the HEART as a symbol of your devotion, to yourself and to...

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New Year Blank Canvas

Looking back at the Portrays we each made of our lives in past year, they all might be different individually, yet, mostly they give the same picture of a Distorted Masterpiece. Now we are off to a fresh new beginning in 2018, let us be wiser this time around with the...

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Your Pets Can Improve Your Health

For all the animal lovers. Have you ever noticed that you feel better when you're around your pet? It's true. Spending quality time with a dog, cat or other animal can have a positive impact on your mood and your health. Pets can be calming stress-fighters. For some...

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History of handmade jewelry

In prehistoric times shells, animals teeth and other found objects were used to adorn the body. About 5000 years ago civilizations started to view it in a more serious light and in countries including Egypt, China and America the wearing of jewelry gradually became a...

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iPhone slowdown lawsuit wants Apple to pay $999 billion

Apple disclosed a few days ago that it slowed down iPhone with older batteries on purpose, to prevent unexpected shutdowns. iPhone owners were quick to react, filing at least eight class action suits against the company since then. One of those class actions asks for...

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